In Waden Ryu we mainly use Waden Ryu Shuriken for practicing. This is a Shuriken with a round body and round point which additionally shows a chamfered tail, which allows to use both sides for applying pressure in vital / atemi points. Therefore you could use the Shuriken in less harmful ways when using the duller rear end for striking or throwing. Additionally the chamfered tail deflects Shuriken in case this is hit by an other when thrown in sequence.



Waden Ryu Shuriken




Yamai Ryu Shuriken









Following some other Shuriken, which are used more or less frequently in the training:




Negishi Ryu Shuriken






Ikku Ryu Shuriken



Katori Shinto Ryu Shuriken





Meifu Shinkage Ryu Shuriken





Iga Ryu Shuriken