The name Waden-ryū 和伝流 consist of three parts or Kanji: Wa, den, and ryū. Wa in Waden-ryū combines three meanings "harmony" as well as "Japanese spirit / soul" and the "skill" (from Japanese Yawara), den means "initiation" and ryū means "style / school". So you could say that this is a school that encompasses and wants to pass on the skills and spirit to contribute to a better and peaceful society.


Waden-ryū 和伝流 is a modern school of Shurikenjutsu. It was founded by Tsuruta Isao 鶴田勲 in the 1970s. Tsuruta-sensei was a direct student of Maeda Isamu 前田勇 the 4th headmaster of Negishi-ryū 根岸流 and Otsuka Hironori 大塚 博紀 the founder of Wado-ryū 和道流. The Shuriken used in Waden-ryū is different. Tsuruta-sensei refined the Negishi- and Shirai-ryū style of throwing and formed an art that offers armed and unarmed self-defense techniques from long over medium to close range for students of every age and sex.


Waden-ryū is a small school of Shuriken- and Goshin-Jjutsu with main dojo in Tōkyō, Japan under the instruction of the present Sōke, Isao Tsuruta. Most of the students also are experienced in other martial arts schools. Tsuruta-sensei welcomes students from any art or country.

There is a specific kind of Shuriken called a Waden-ryū Shuriken, but Tsuruta-sensei teaches also Yamai-ryū 山井流 and students will also practice throwing Shuriken from many different schools - most of which are now extinct – as well as other  weapons and combinations.

Tsuruta-sensei uses additionally Tanka - short Japanese poems, some of them even date back to Maeda Isamu - as a very unique way of teaching the students.


Waden-ryū is also listed in the Bugei Ryūha Daijiten 武芸流派大事典 or Encyclopedia of Martial Art Schools of Showa 50 昭和50年 of 1975, a list of officially registered Japanese martial arts schools.